High-speed In-line S3A-7200 Series Dispensing System


Adopt linear motor + marble structure, stable and reliable in high speed production.
High speed dispensing system for customers to configure a variety of modular production modes, flexible production, and the industry’s most scalable dispensing system of high cost performance ratio.
According to customers requirements, we can integrate all kinds of valves at home and abroad to facilitate customers to use the unified brand, including pneumatic injection valve & piezoelectric injection valve, etc., to reduce maintenance cost.
Non-contact dispensing valve is used to improve the uniformity, productivity and reduce the material loss.
It can be used stably in the high-demand production environment, and it could achieve the dispensing successfully for the high-precision packing, bonding, assembling and other process requirements of complex products.
Asynchronous double valve function – especially suitable for multiple PCBs production.
Micro balance: imported high-precision METTLER TOLEDO(Switzerland) , equipped with high-precision for production, high-convenient of installation and high-stability during its running.
Laser altimetry: imported high-precision OPTEX CD33 (Japan) , the testing range is 30mm, the linear accuracy is ± 0.1%F.S., and the reaction time is only 0.1ms.
Flying photography technology: high speed of image acquisition, smooth running, and it wouldn’t affect the machine cycle time, via its background software processing for image calculation.


CSP,BGA & under-fill Precision coating
Surface Mounting Silver paste, red glue
Components packaging Semiconductor chip packaging
Dam and fill Solder paste


  • Auto-adjustable function of the conveyor width
  • Vacuum cleaning mechanism
  • Automatic visual recognition system
  • Sound & Light alarming mechanism
  • Heating device of valve flow
  • 30CC、55CC feeding mechanism
  • Standard operating software
  • Non-contact dispensing valve(Single valve)
  • IPC


  • (conveyor) Heating module
  • Vacuum adsorption platform
  • Low liquid level & glue-lacking inspection and alarming function
  • Dual valve (synchronous/asynchronous function)
  • Machine air pressure detection and abnormal alarm
  • Auto-weighing system
  • Barcode & 2D code scanning
  • Non-contact laser height measuring
  • bad mark recognition via linking with the MES system
  • 300CC feeding mechanism
  • Rotary dispensing valve module
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Nozzle cleaning module


Parameter table

Description Spec.
Power 220V15A50/60 Hz4.8Kw(including bottom heating 5.3Kw)
Air source 0.4~0.6Mpa
Layout(L*W*H) 700*1251*1477mm(size of lights and door not include) 
Weight  510Kg
Motor system
Position accuracy                          XY: ± 10um@3σ Z:±10um@3σ
Repeatability                          XY:     ±           5um@3σ    Z:±5um@3σ
Max. speed 2000mm/s(X, Y)
Max. acceleration 1.5g
Drive system Linear motor(X, Y) Servo motor(Z)
Working platform
Max load capability 3Kg
Working range 50~400mm
PCB/Carrier max  thickness 0.5~6mm
Operation system Windows 10  
PCB flowing direction Connection with pre and post conveyor, and accomplish automatic production, standard SMEMA
 PCB edge width 5±1.5mm
Z axis moving range 40mm
Scope of dispensing
Single valve dispensing range 350*400mm
Dual valve dispensing range

(asynchronous )