Nozzle Kitting System-OPTMA-7300


The system can automatically realize print head picking & placing, and inspecting & storing per different quality and p/n, etc.
Equipped with the high-precision gripping print head module, the professional servo drive controlling system can automatically finish the pick and place accurately.
The high-quality industrial dual-CCD visual system (top & bott.) support the positioning and recognition well.
The elastic pressure gauge head can inspect the print head flow rate accurately, equipped with the FESTO flow sensing detector.
Accomplish the auto-storing, per different inspecting result: If OK, auto. picked and placed into the according print head station in the storage car; otherwise, if NG, then the print head will be placed into the NG tray.
The lifting storage car system, controlled by the servo drive system, can store 14 layers trays of suction nozzles.
Rapid dismantling design of the lifting storage mechanism, can also be separated from the main nozzle kitting system manually.
The software can run automatically, and meanwhile be qualified for modes of manual operation、by pass、maintenance conditions.
Per its auto-recording function, the nozzle kitting system can take records of cleaning log file, and every nozzle part number, series number, failed reason and date information automatically.
Suitable for multiple alarming function (anti-fault-detection), per the manufacturing controlling request.

Parameter table

Description Spec. 
Layout(L*W*H) 1400*2150*1650mm
Weight 1080Kg
Operation system Windows
Driving device AC servo motor dirve system
(Axis) Moving system High-precision ball screw and liner slide
Nozzle station 14 layer (2000 set)
Cycle time 10s ( P & P, inspecting per cycle)
Accuracy 95%
Yield rate 97%
Air source 0.4~0.6Mpa
Power AC 200~240V, 50~60Hz

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