High-speed In-line GAEA-700 Series Dispensing System


Adopt linear motor + marble structure, stable and reliable in high speed production.
Modular-designed valve, and could be easily changed as other valves, and to meet with the flexible production, saving the investment cost of manufacture.
Effective working area reaches L410*W450mm, corresponding to the multi-kinds of production and more different sizes of demand.
1.3Million ultra-high-pixel industrial camera, can provide the mark-point positioning, barcode-reading, automatic compensation especially for the parts of the edge identification, etc., to satisfy various needs of high-precision dispensing.
Ultra-high-sensitivity automatic laser-altimeter system, intelligently meets with serious dispensing demand of many deformed products.
Glue detection function of the ultrasonic wave induction: the dispensing system can sense the glue remaining amount automatically, and perform the warning function in advances.
Based on the Windows system, the visual dispensing software supports multi-kinds of dispensing requests, and easy for learning & operating.
The conveyor width could be adjusted automatically, and the staged design of the conveyor is used for saving the loading and unloading time.
Other optional function: bottom heating, support pin, micro-balance weighing.


CSP,BGA & under-fill Precision coating
Surface mounting Silver paste, red glue
Components packaging Semiconductor chip packaging
Dam and fill Solder paste


  • Vacuum cleaning mechanism
  • Heating device of valve flow
  • 10CC、30CC、55CC feeding mechanism
  • Sound & light alarming mechanism
  • Low liquid level & glue-lacking inspection and alarming function
  • Automatic visual recognition system
  • Auto-adjustable function of the conveyor width


  • Auto-weighing system
  • Non-contact laser height measuring
  • (conveyor) Heating module
  • Staged conveyor function
    (Max PCB Size:410x450mm)
  • 300CC feeding mechanism
  • Dual-line、Auto. Compensation
  • Injection valve、piezoelectric valve、high voltage valve、screw valve…


Parameter table

Item Description Spec.
1 Layout(L*W*H) 700*1250*1660mm
2 Weight 800Kg
3 Operation system IPC controlling, Windows operation system
4 Valve quantity Standard: 1x, Option:2x
5 Glue type 10cc, 30cc, 55cc; 200cc(Option)
6 PCB size Min. : 50*50mm, Max. : 410*450mm,

PCB max  thickness: 6mm

7 Position accuracy ±40um @3sigma, X, Y, Z
8 Repeatability ±20um @3sigma, X, Y, Z
9 Max. speed 1500mm/s
10 Max. acceleration 1g (X, Y)
11 Data input CAD, Drawing, OCR
12 PCB Flowing direction Connection with pre and post conveyor and accomplish automatic production, standard SMEMA
(Left in & left out, right in & right out, left in & right out, right in & left out, BY-PASS)
13 Bottom side heating Max. 150°(Option)
14 Auto weighing 0.1mg or 0.01mg(Option)
15 Visual system 131W Pixel CCD
16 Conveyor height 900±50mm
17 Max. load capability 5Kg
18 Power 4.8Kw (5.3Kw, bottom heating included)
19 Air source 0.4~0.6Mpa
20 Power supply AC 200~240V, 50Hz, 25A