High-speed In-line APS-1100DB Series Bottom Pasting System


Per the molten moving structure, equipped with high-performance and precise servo module, the gantry configuration is very stable and reliable to satisfy any high-speed production.
Feeding module(modular design)-standard configuration: 4 sets feeding module (for label/mylar materials, roll packaged, and standard roll tape diameter ≤ 60mm); and to meet the maximum flexible production, saving the investment cost of manufacture.
Equipped with 8 pasting heads, it takes use of the precise motor controlling for Z-axis, and supports various of height pasting.
Nozzle heads are all controlled by the precise servo module, and could rotate 360 degrees per requested, to achieve high-precision placement.
Effective working area reaches L400*W330mm(Dual Lane); L400*460mm(Single Lane),Corresponding to the multi-kinds of production and more different sizes of demand.
1.31Million ultra-high-pixel industrial camera, it could provide the mark-point positioning, barcode-reading, automatic compensation especially for the parts of the edge identification, etc., to flexibly meet the needs of various precision placement.
Vacuum detection function, re-check function by visual module.
Based on the Window system, the visual pasting software supports multi-kinds of materials pasting requests, and easy for learning & operating.
The conveyor width could be adjusted automatically.
Auto-support pin function, reduces the influence of warpage.
Visual coordinate compensation function(via the bottom. CCD), can improve the placement accuracy.
Recognition function of bad-mark, based on the CCD module or linking with MES system.
Bottom Side Placing.


Auto-pasting any 1D & 2D barcodes of SMT industry
Various kinds of mylar/PSA pasted
Other customized materials placement


  • Rotatable dual pasting heads
  • Ultra-high pixel top & bottom side CCD module, for
    positioning & barcode reading
  • 4sets roll-feeding module(roll tape width≤60mm)
  • Vacuum detection function
  • Manual-adjustable function of the conveyor width
  • Bad-mark recognition
  • Bottom side placing


  • Support pin
  • Real-time pressure monitoring of the
    placing head
  • Place accuracy re-check function
  • 1,000 Level dust free


Parameter table

Item Description Spec.
1 Layout(L*W*H) 1090*2090*1640mm
2 Weight 1400Kg
3 Operation system IPC controlling, Windows operation system
4 Nozzle quantity 8pcs (Standard)
5 Feeder quantity 4pcs (Standard)
6 Material size 1*2~20*20mm
7 Working range Dual Lane: L400*W330mm
(Effective pasting area) Single Lane:  L400*W460mm
8 Position accuracy ±40um @3sigma, X, Y, Z
9 Repeatability ±20um @3sigma, X, Y, Z
10 Max.  speed 2000mm/s (X, Y)
11 Max. acceleration 2g (X, Y)
12 PCB flowing direction Connection with pre and post conveyor, and accomplish automatic production, standard SMEMA
(Left in & left out, right in & right out, left in & right out,

right in & left out, BYPASS)

13 Rotatable angle 0°~360°any angle
14 Application Labeling with feeder, or other different materials pasting(Mylar……), and other customized materials placement
15 Pasting accuracy ±0.2mm
16 Pasting speed ≤0.6s/pcs
17 Visual system Top CCD- Industrial CCD with 1.31 million pixel
Bott. CCD- industrial CCD with 2.3 million pixel
18 Camera  resolution Top CCD:1280*1024pixel
Bott CCD:1920*1200pixel
19 Conveyor height 900±50mm
20 Max. load capability 5Kg
21 PCB/Carrier thickness 0.6~6mm
22 Power 6.6Kw
23 Air source 0.4~0.6Mpa
24 Power supply AC 200~240V, 50Hz, Electricity current:30A