Project management engineer

Number of recruits:
4 people

Education & Salary:
Bachelor’s degree 70 to 90,000
Master’s degree 80,000 to 100,000

Job Responsibilities:
1. The communication bridge between the customer and the company;
2. Communication and coordination of relevant departments and personnel required by the project;
3. Control of project progress, cost, and manpower;
4. Handling of abnormal situations at the customer site.

job requirements:
1. Education: Bachelor OR Master
2. Mechanical/electromechanical/electrical/automation and other related engineering majors or English majors;
3. CET-6 or above, fluency in spoken English (English majors need to have eighth level);
4. Lively personality, good communication and coordination skills;
5. Strong stress resistance, can accept high-intensity and high-tempo work, and can accept business trips.