Robot mechanical design engineer

Number of recruits:
3 people

Education & Salary:
Bachelor’s 70,000~90,000/Master’s 80,000~100,000

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the design and development of the mechanical and electrical system of industrial robots;
2. Responsible for the analysis and verification of the mechanical system index decomposition budget and the design process of various actuators, transmission devices and parts;
3. Responsible for the preparation and quality control of technical documents, engineering drawings, and process documents during the design process;
4. Responsible for completing or assisting in the industrial design of robot appearance modeling;
5. Responsible for the establishment of simulation model of robot electromechanical system, based on CAE and control analysis, complete system optimization plan and report;
6. Responsible for BOM maintenance and material release, participate in supply chain technical negotiations and quality control;
7. Responsible for providing technical support in the process of manufacturing, assembly, integration testing and mass production introduction;
8. Assist the supervisor in technical review and technical guidance and training for new colleagues in the group;
9. Assist PM in technical and project management activities, write research reports and development plans.

job requirements:
1. Major in mechanical engineering, bachelor degree or above, master degree or above is preferred;
2. Experience in precision machinery/industrial robot projects is preferred;
3. CET-6.