Robot Control Engineer

Number of recruits:
2 people

Education & Salary:
Ph.D. Salary is negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
1. Participate in the planning and design of robot control systems, including software and hardware system schemes, system control strategies and algorithm design, etc.;
2. Participate in the development of control software and algorithms for the robot system, including kinematics/dynamics algorithms, trajectory planning algorithms, etc.;
3. Robot system function, performance test, problem analysis and diagnosis;
4. Work collaboratively with other team members to complete project development and design, and write product design documents;

job requirements:
1. Control/mechanical electronics and other related majors;
2. Possess a solid professional background knowledge of automatic control theory and a good mathematical foundation, able to independently complete the analysis, design and implementation of the robot control algorithm;
3. Have the actual development and debugging experience of the robot control system, and be proficient in various filtering, vibration suppression, system parameter identification and other theories in the control system;
4. Master the C/C++ programming language, and proficiently use Matlab/simulink for system analysis;
5. CET-6 or above;