Motor Control Engineer

Number of recruits:
5 people

Education & Salary:
Master’s degree or above, treatment is negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
1. Participate in the demand analysis and selection of motor products;
2. Motor control system modeling and simulation analysis, algorithm design;
3. Develop motor control firmware based on embedded processor and participate in system debugging;
4. Collaborate with other members of the team to write design documents;

job requirements:
1. Electrical/control/mechanical electronics and other related majors;
2. Solid professional knowledge of automatic control theory and motor principle, good mathematical foundation; master motor vector control, filtering, parameter identification and other related theories and algorithms, and use them proficiently
MATLAB/Simulink for modeling and algorithm simulation;
3. Familiar with C/C++ programming language and at least one DSP architecture, and have actual programming development experience, experience in embedded operating system transplantation is preferred;
4. CET-6 or above;