Application Technology Engineer

Number of recruits:
2 people

Education & Salary:
Bachelor’s degree 70 to 90,000
Master’s degree 80,000 to 100,000

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the development of various debugging and testing software and testing platforms in the process of product pilot testing;
2. Responsible for providing technical support for customer applications and after-sales, and output training for the application of various products;
3. Responsible for the development of additional applications of the manipulator, as a basis for satisfying practical applications;
4. According to the plan, complete the DFM; BOM and IO table, and cooperate with the electrical department to produce electrical layout diagrams and electrical circuit diagrams;
5. Responsible for making phased documents, such as operating SOP;
6. Responsible for the operation manual and programming manual of the manipulator.

job requirements:
1. Mechanical and electrical, automation related majors;
2. Be able to use motors, servo motors and PLC proficiently;
3. Master at least one computer language;
4. CET-4 or above.