AGV algorithm control engineer

Number of recruits:
5 people

Education & Salary:
Master’s degree or above, treatment is negotiable

Job Responsibilities:
1. Development of multi-sensor information fusion algorithms such as laser and RGBD and related control algorithms for indoor navigation;
2. Research and development of SLAM algorithm for mobile robot in unknown indoor environment;
3. Responsible for the research and development of algorithms for autonomous barriers, path planning, and motion planning of mobile robots;
4. Collaborate with other members of the team to write design documents;

job requirements:
1. The research direction of SLAM navigation in related majors such as control;
2. Familiar with the basic theories and algorithms of robot SLAM, including front-end algorithms such as visual feature extraction and tracking, multi-view geometry, information fusion, closed-loop detection, and back-end algorithms such as graph optimization;
3. Familiar with robot autonomous obstacle avoidance, path planning, motion planning, probability filtering and other related algorithms, familiar with ROS is preferred;
4. Possess a solid C language foundation and related computer language programming ability;
5. CET-6 or above;